Managing Chronic Disease with Health ATMs

Managing Chronic Disease with Health ATMs

India has been witnessing a significant rise in chronic diseases like diabetes, respiratory disorders, and anaemia. These growing diseases place a massive strain on the healthcare infrastructure of the country. Health Kiosk can help us identify these diseases before they turn chronic. Health kiosk offers various features that enable regular health check-ups and help take preventive actions. Let’s explore the potential of Health ATM (Medhoc) in reducing chronic diseases and improving healthcare infrastructure management with impressive features offered by Medhoc Health ATM Manufacturer (Medhoc).

Preventive Healthcare is essential to fight the increase in chronic diseases since it detects potential health-related issues at an early and helps with timely intervention and management of these diseases. This is how preventive screenings can help:


  1. Health Risk assessment:
    Factors such as DNA, Family’s Medical History, User’s Lifestyle choices, Genetic Predispositions, and preventive healthcare testing determine the user’s risk of developing any chronic or long-lasting diseases. The healthcare diagnosis data enables healthcare practitioners to offer effective & personalized medical and preventive healthcare strategies and regime changes to lower the chances of illness development.
  2. Early Detection of Longstanding Diseases:
    Preventive Health Screenings and diagnostics tests uncover the health risk elements that lead to the early stages of chronic diseases before any prevalent symptoms appear. The healthcare contributors thereby can intervene immediately to execute effective strategies promptly to reduce the conversion of these health concerns into chronic diseases.
  3. Lifestyle Alterations for Healthy Living:
    Regular Health Screenings act as a wake-up call to users encouraging people to make healthy life decisions and shift to an effective lifestyle diet. For example, if a user is detected to have high cholesterol, they are encouraged to make alterations to their lifestyle and adopt a healthier diet, perform physical exercise, and lower the stress degree. Such lifestyle changes reduce the risk of persistent illnesses like cardiac diseases, diabetes, respiratory issues etc.
  4. Personalised plans for Health Treatments:
    Preventive Health Tests endow fundamental insights into the user’s health condition, granting the healthcare specialists to provide custom-made and individualized treatment programs. Medical specialists can prevent the advancement of any chronic diseases by identifying health irregularities or abnormalities and prescribing medications, healings, or medical interventions customized to meet the individual’s needs.
  5. Awareness about healthy lifestyle & chronic diseases:
    Preventive health tests help raise consciousness about chronic and lifetime diseases and the probable risks that accompany them. Health ATMs can encourage health training and empower people to take control of their well-being by enthusiastically involving them in managing their own lifestyles & health patterns. Individuals who understand the significance of frequent medical check-ups and screenings are more likely to prioritize preventative actions and seek early intervention.
  6. Cost Effective:
    Detecting any chronic or lifelong diseases at an early stage through preventative tests on Medhoc Healthcare Kiosk can result in significant cost savings on medical expenses. Alternate treatments are less invasive and less expensive if health issues are addressed early. Furthermore, preventive actions can minimize the need for steep medical treatments and procedures and hospital admissions that are linked with severe stages of chronic health concerns.
  7. Complications of Chronic Diseases in High-Risk Patients:

    Adverse health issues can arise from complications in prolonged diseases, especially in high-risk patients. The complications are typically characterized by their persistence and prolonged duration, often requiring ongoing management and treatment. Lack of awareness regarding chronic disease can exacerbate the health of the individual.

    • Eg: Highly anemic pregnant women with underlying chronic diseases may face delivery complications. Anemia increases the risk of excessive bleeding and impairs clot formation during delivery.  Anemia reduces the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, leading to fatigue and breathlessness during labor.

Convenience and Accessibility

Key benefit of Health Kiosk is their accessibility and user-friendliness. Patients can vey efforrlessly access the kiosks, which are advantageously installed in various locations such as clinics, hospitals, and community centres. This ease of access ensures that persons with medical conditions have well-timed access to healthcare services, without the need for repeated visits to a healthcare facility.

Medhoc’s Health Kiosk (Medhoc) takes ease to the next level with an intuitive user interface that simplifies & shortens the entire heath checkup process. Patients can easily navigate through the touchscreen interface, select the tests to be performed, and follow the guided step-by-step instructions for a seamless preventive health checkup experience.

Comprehensive Health Check-ups

Health Kiosk plays an important function in uniform health tests, allowing individuals to monitor their vital signs and identify potential health issues at an early stage. Medhoc’s Health ATM offers a comprehensive range of health assessment features, including blood pressure measurement, blood glucose monitoring, BMI calculation, and temperature measurement. These precise readings provide individuals with significant awareness into their health standing, enabling them to take proactive measures to manage their chronic medical conditions effectively.

Managing Chronic Disease Using Big Data Analytics

The Indian government can utilize big data analytics to effectively manage chronic diseases by identifying high-risk inhabitants, enabling early detection and prevention of medical conditions, monitoring treatment and care, and making medical evidence-based decisions. By analysing vast amounts of medical data, the government can perform targeted interventions, tailor treatments, and make informed decisions to improve medical conditions and reduce the liability of chronic ailments.

By hitching Big Data analytics from Medhoc’s health ATM, the government can enhance several aspects of chronic disease management.

Health ATMs are revolutionizing preventive health management in India by offering health checkups which are accessibility and affordable, and a range of innovative features to manage physical as well as mental health. Medhoc Health ATM is a leading Health ATM manufacturer, providing comprehensive solutions to detect chronic diseases at an early stage. Medhoc’s user-friendly interface, instant report system, and big data capabilities, Medhoc Health ATM ensures that people can successfully manage their chronic medical conditions and reduce the burden on healthcare facilities. By embracing this innovative health kiosk technology, we can pave the way for a healthier and efficient healthcare infrastructure.

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