Product Variant

Medhoc Health Kiosk

Parameters Standard Advance Advance Plus
Height Sensor (1)
Vision Test (2) Yes
Blood Pressure (2) Yes
Oxygen Saturation (1) Yes
IR Temperature (1) Yes
Body Fat Analysis (15) Yes
Ear Test (Software based Audiometry Inspection) Yes
Anemia (1) Yes
Random Blood Sugar (1) Yes
Mental Health Assessment (2) Yes
Infectious Disease Rapid Test (9) Yes
Urine Rapid Test (10) Yes
Cardiac - 12 Lead ECG (1) Yes
Pulmonary Function Test – Spirometer (4) Yes
Derma Inspection - Derma Scope (1) Yes
Digital Stethoscope (2) Yes
Lipid Profile (5) Yes
HBA1C (1) Yes
Features Standard Advance Advance Plus
Multi Language Enabled
Inventory Management
Unlimited WhatsApp & Email
AI Based Nutrition Plan
Dashboard & Analytics
Digital Health Record With Graphical Representation
Patient App
Telemedicine With Doctor App & Analytic Dashboard
Features Box Clinic
(25 Parameters)
21 Basic parameters:
  1. Body weight
  2. BMI
  3. BMR
  4. Bone Mass
  5. Body Fat
  6. Body Water
  7. Fat Free Weight
  8. Muscle Mass
  9. Protein
  10. Skeleton Mass
  11. Subcutaneous Fat
  12. Visceral Fat
  13. Physique Rating
  14. Metabolic Age
  15. Health Score
  16. Height
  17. Blood Pressure
  18. SPO2
  19. Pulse
  20. Body Temperature
  21. Vision Test
4 Non-invasive blood parameters:
Bilirubin, Creatinine, Estimated Blood Sugar & Hemoglobin
Digital Health Record with graphical representation
Comprehensive Health Profile (Vitals, Lifestyle, Medical)
Data Analytics
Patient App
Bulk Registration
Multi Language Enabled
Inventory Management
Dashboard to monitor multiple health box with single click
Nutrition plan (AI - powered personalized Indian Meal Plan)
Instant report prints via thermal printer
Receive smart report pdf over WhatsApp, SMS and email
Can work in Offline Model (without internet)
Works without electricity (Up to 2 days power backup)
Save bio-medical waste
Save carbon footprint
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